Anna’s Wedding Ready Smile

Many people get the misconception that you didn’t get orthodontic treatment as a kid, that it is too late. That idea is a thing of the past. Every year, we help hundreds of adults achieve a more perfect smile with Invisalign® or braces. At Orthodontic Specialists, we frequently strategize with our patients to work around important dates like weddings to get their wedding ready smile. Many of our adult patients had orthodontic treatment as a kid then lost their retainer. Lower front teeth often become more crowded over time without a retainer. To correct this issue, we offer shorter, less expensive options, such as a 3-6 month Invisalign® plan. Our patients love the discreet appearance of the clear aligners, as well as the ability to brush, floss, and eat like normal.

Anna is a fun smile success story. She came to us to fix some of her smile imperfections before her wedding. Anna wore her Invisalign® clear alignersreligiously to finish her treatment before the wedding. We think the result speaks for itself. Congratulations to Anna on her amazing smile and beautiful wedding.

Wedding Invisalign® Clear AlignersOrthodontic Wedding Smile