Dr. Paige Rechtin

Meet Dr. Paige Rechtin

"I feel fortunate to practice in a profession that I truly love. I'm so grateful to serve this community and get to know each and every patient and their family!"

Dr. Rechtin knew she wanted to be an orthodontist because of her experience as a teenage patient in braces.

Witnessing her impacted canines and misaligned teeth transform over time was life-changing! She knew early on, that she wanted to someday give back to others, the gift of a beaming smile that her orthodontist gave her.

Education & Experience

Dr. Paige Rechtin grew up in Sylvania, Ohio, and graduated from Notre Dame Academy High School. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University of Ohio, graduating cum laude with a major in Zoology and minor in Molecular Biology.

Dr. Rechtin then moved to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree.

After dental school, she completed her residency program at the University of Minnesota, from which she received an Orthodontics Specialization Certificate and Master of Science degree.

Outside the Office

Dr. Rechtin is an avid runner and enjoys long jogs with her three favorite running buddies: her husband, Michael, her dad, and her Goldendoodle, Hobie. She loves spending time outdoors, traveling, and quality time with her family and friends.