What’s The Right Fit For You: Invisalign® or Braces?

Are you thinking about starting orthodontic treatment and are not sure if braces or Invisalign®would be best for you? In this post, you will learn some of the important aspects of each treatment that may help your decision. The doctors at Orthodontic Specialists are experts with both braces and Invisalign®, (we are among the top 1% Invisalign® providers in the nation!) so you can have confidence knowing you will achieve the straight teeth and healthy bite you are looking for with either treatment.

Braces vs. invisalign: What’s the difference?

Braces and Invisalign® are simply two different means to reach the same end result: a perfect smile and healthy bite. The main difference is the process by which they move teeth – with braces utilizing brackets and wires, and Invisalign®using plastic aligners.

When you get braces, the brackets are glued to the front surface of each tooth. Metal wires of different sizes are secured to the brackets with small ties. At first, the wire is flexed and maneuvered around your crooked teeth. Over time, the wire will straighten out, resulting in your teeth straightening out too! Braces can be fun in the fact that you can get different colors to suit your personality.

Invisalign® offers the same result as braces but allows patients to discreetly straighten their teeth because they are made to be invisible. Instead of brackets and wires, you will wear custom aligner trays that gradually push on your teeth until they are in perfect alignment. Sometimes small, invisible attachments are bonded to certain teeth to help achieve more complex tooth movements. The aligners are removable and new ones are worn every week.

Benefits of Braces

  • Express your personality with fun color choices that can be changed every visit!
  • You cannot remove them, so once they are placed they do the work for you
  • Less of a worry for self-discipline or compliance
  • No changing/cleaning trays or worrying about losing them.

kids bracesFemale Adult Aligner with invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign® aligners

  • Less noticeable – ideal for those who want to be discreet about their treatment
  • Removable – allowing you to eat and drink whatever you want without food getting stuck
  • Easier to floss and brush your teeth
  • Less in office visits
  • Less noticable

What if I cannot decide between braces or invisalign?

If you are considering orthodontic treatment and still cannot decide between braces or Invisalign®, do not worry! At your consultation, our doctors will get to know you and help guide your decision based on your individual bite and lifestyle. At Orthodontic Specialists, we understand that every patient has unique treatment goals and lifestyle preferences which is why we create our treatment plans together WITH our patients.

It can be tough comparing the two treatment options since there are both pros and cons for each. The decision is for Invisalign® or braces comes down to you, the patient, to make the decision, unless you have an issue that prevents your from being able to use invisalign. Each patient is unique and that’s why we must personalize your treatment plan to fit you and only you, no matter the choice of treatment. If you are interested in finding out more about braces or Invisalign® please call our office for a no obligation consultation. We cannot wait to meet you soon!

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