Personalize Your Braces

Orthodontics has changed a lot over the years and one of the coolest benefits that have emerged is the ability to personalize your braces. Now you can express your personality with fun colors that can be changed each visit. The way orthodontists change the colors of braces is by using different colored rubber bands to give your smile a pop of color. The rubber bands will be attached to your brackets to keep the wire in place more securely to help straighten your teeth. While in treatment, you will regularly visit the orthodontist for adjustments to tighten your wires as needed, during this time you will be able to make the color changes of your braces to match your personality.

Gustavo: Braces Personalization

Gustavo is our next great smile star who just finished his braces treatment. Gustavo came to us for a consultation and our expert orthodontists, Dr. Noll & Dr. Rechtin, created a customized treatment plan created just for his smile to correct his crowding and crossbite. Gustavo loved the ability to personalize his braces with different colors and says he is going to miss them although he is happy with the final results of his treatment. Gustavo, congratulations on your new smile!