Keira: Crowded Teeth and Crossbite

Let’s celebrate a big moment in Keira’s life as she just got her braces off and now has a beautiful straight smile. When Keira first came to us, she had a crossbite and her teeth were very crowded, so much so that we needed to extract 4 of her teeth. She had her upper and lower premolars extracted, which was necessary to align the teeth in a healthy way and prevent against gum recession. It also allows us to align the teeth at the proper angle to avoid flaring. Typically, when we need teeth removed for orthodontic reasons, it is the teeth behind the canines, the first premolars. This space is then used to align the rest of the teeth and correct the bite. Keira also had upper laterals and a lower incisor in crossbite, which is when the top teeth are set back behind the bottom teeth. Throughout her orthodontic treatment, we were able to solve all of her dental issues and gave her a smile she can be proud of and loves to show off.

Thanks for being such a great patient Keira, we loved working with you!


Keira's crowded teeth and crossbite


Keira After Orthodontic Treatment