Joshua: Braces Treatment

Many of our patients come to us for an awesome smile, but also a better bite. Most often, we can correct bite issues by adding rubber bands to the braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. For more severe jaw discrepancies, tooth extractions or jaw surgery are sometimes necessary. Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, has tremendous benefits. These benefits include a healthy and comfortable occlusion (bite), an improved facial profile. and even an increased in airway for easier breathing.Performed by an oral surgeon, jaw surgery requires braces to be placed by orthodontist prior to the surgery. One reason for this is to straighten the teeth so the oral surgeon can align the jaws more accurately. Another reason is that the oral surgeon can use the braces to stabilize the jaws together during and after surgery. On average, the brace are on for a year before the jaw surgery and about 6 months after. Our smile star, Joshua, is a perfect example of the results you can achieve through orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery. Joshua began with an underbite and a narrow upper jaw. We worked a fantastic local oral surgeon who advanced and broadened Joshua’s upper jaw and retracted his lower jaw. He followed the instructions from our expert orthodontists to finalize the finishing touches, and now has an amazing smile to show for his journey. Thanks for being such a great patient Joshua, keep smiling and showing off your new awesome smile!

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