Invisalign®: Impinging Deep Bite Correction

One of the most common bite problems among all age groups is an overbite, or deep bite. A deep bite is when the top teeth cover up the bottom teeth. When an overbite is severe, the bottom teeth can cause recession on the inside of the upper gums. This can result in gum problems and even loosening of the upper teeth. If untreated, deep bites tends to worsen over time.

Historically, deep bites were always treated by orthodontists with traditional braces. However, some orthodontists are able to correct deep bites with Invisalign® clear aligners using more advanced techniques and technology. Fortunately, at Orthodontic Specialists, all our doctors are experts at correcting bites with Invisalign®. Maura is a great example of correcting a severe deep bite with Invisalign®.

Dr. Rechtin and Dr. Noll loved working with Maura during her smile transformation. Maura began with a diastema (spacing between upper front teeth) and a severe deep bite. Her treatment began with an initial free consultation, followed by an impressionless iTero scan of her mouth. iTero scans are more accurate than traditional dental molds and are goo-free! From there, Drs. Rechtin and Noll designed her plan to correct her as efficiently as possible. As a result, Maura finished treatment early in only 14 months! Congratulations Maura, we are proud of you and your smile looks fantastic!

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