Can Invisalign® Fix Deep Bites and Other Bite Problems?

Tooth and bite problems are never quite the same from person to person, which means your orthodontic treatment shouldn’t be the same either. Invisalign® treatment has been proven to fix most teeth issues, whether it be a deep bite, open bite or spacing issues, if designed properly by an experienced orthodontist.

Can Invisalign®Fix Your Deep Bite?

Yes. an orthodontist with advanced training with clear aligners can correct a deep bite with invisalign. This is accomplished by extruding the posterior teeth and intruding the anterior teeth. Using the Invisalign®clear aligner system, an orthodontist can program in specific features like: precision bite ramps and optimized tooth colored attachments on the teeth to more predictably and efficiently correct a deep bite. This is all programmed to take place while are the teeth are being straightened. One of our recent patients, Stone, is an excellent example of how an orthodontist using Invisalign® aligners can fix most teeth alignment problems. We were able to correct Stone’s deep bite and spacing issues with Invisalign® treatment. Thanks for being a great patient, Stone!

Before Invisalign®Fix Deep Bites

Before Invisalign® aligners

After Invisalign®Fix Deep Bites

After Invisalign® aligners

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