Morgan: Impacted Canine and Class III

Today we are celebrating our Smile Star, Morgan – she is loving her new smile! Morgan was so happy we could correct her impacted canines, underbite and class III without jaw surgery. We’ve loved working with you Morgan!

Morgan was in treatment for 30 months with braces. (Usual treatment time is 20-28 months). We did a lot in this case which caused us to extend her treatment shortly. Morgan had impacted upper canines – so these teeth were unable to erupt into place like usual. Morgan is missing upper right lateral and the upper left lateral was a peg – it just formed very small. She also had a cross bite. We aligned her teeth with braces and made ideal space for bonding upper left lateral & made space for Morgan to have a bridge done for missing upper right lateral. We were also able to save and avoid extractions for both upper impacted canines and bring them into place. The braces also corrected her crossbite.