Olivia: Braces Fixed Open Bite Jaw Discrepancy

Olivia’s braces just fixed her open bite jaw discrepancy and we couldn’t be more proud. We can often correct mild to moderate jaw discrepancies with braces or Invisalign®without jaw surgery. However, severe jaw discrepancies are best corrected by a combination of braces and jaw surgery. When jaw surgery is necessary, the process involves both an orthodontist and an oral surgeon. First, we (the orthodontist) straighten the teeth, then the oral surgeon aligns the jaws with surgery using braces to stabilize, then the orthodontist makes the finishing touches. Once perfect, we remove the braces that fixed her open bite and make clear retainers to ensure the results last a lifetime.

Olivia is a good example of this. Her jaw discrepancy caused an open bite where the front teeth don’t touch and she couldn’t chew well. She went to see the oral surgeons at UK OMFS who did an incredible job, and we are thankful to work with such a thorough team. Now, not only does Olivia have a gorgeous smile, she has a functional bite and is able to chew with her front teeth. We are so happy for you Olivia!