Braces Fixed Extreme Teeth Crowding

Crowded teeth are caused when your jaw runs out of room for your teeth. This can cause your teeth to bunch up, overlap and twist, or sometimes get pushed in front or behind of your other teeth. Not getting your crowded teeth treated can lead to additional problems like your jaw becoming misaligned or costly treatment in adulthood. When looking to correct their teeth, many people choose metal or clear braces but clear aligners are also good choices for treatment.

What causes crowded teeth?

There are a variety of factors that can lead to dental crowding, including:

  • Some people are born with a smaller jaw because of genetics, which can lead to dental crowding as permanent teeth grow in.
  • If teeth are larger than the jaw, again because of genetics, it can lead to the teeth overlapping or twisting since the teeth don’t fit correctly.
  • Losing a primary tooth too early can lead to other teeth filling the empty space.
  • If your baby teeth loosen but then tighten back into the gums, it can prevent the eruption of permanent teeth leading to dental crowding.

Erik Got His Extremely Crowded Teeth Fixed With Braces

Erik was a great candidate for braces as he had extremely crowded teeth. He had to have all his 4s, or 1st premolars, extracted to ensure we could give him the straight smile he was looking for. Thankfully, Erik was a great patient and followed all of the instructions from his orthodontist and now has an amazing straight smile he can be proud of. We are so happy for you Erik!