Rayanna: Braces Fixed Class III Bite & Spacing Issues


We get to celebrate a lot because we have a lot of happy patients finishing their treatment everyday and today we celebrate Rayanna. When Rayanna came to Orthodontic Specialists, we estimated her braces treatment to last 24 months and fixed her upper crowding, lower spacing issues and Class III bite, also known as a underbite. We were able to correct Rayanna’s bite without extractions or jaw surgery, which can be shocking as the results were so dramatic. Her last treatment with us was during the Covid-19 pandemic, so we completed her treatment with social distancing guidelines in place as well as special protocols to keep everyone safe in the office.

Thanks for coming to us for your braces Rayanna, we couldn’t be more happy with the results fixing your class III bite and spacing issues. We hope you love your knew smile as much as we do!!!


Rayanna before braces fix class iii spacing issues


Rayanna after braces fix class iii spacing issues